MFAxEbbets cap update – orders shipping on Thursday & Friday

To my 194 friends who ordered MFAxEbbets caps: your long nightmare of waiting patiently is almost over. According to my contact at Ebbets, caps are going to start drop-shipping on Thursday and will hopefully all go out by the end of the day on Friday. US orders will take 4-6 business days, and international orders will take an unspecified longer amount of time (probably 8-12 days).

Sunday morning discussion: how brand-loyal are you?

I usually do laundry on Sunday mornings, and as I was hanging up a row of identical Brooks Brothers ocbds, I started thinking about the question of brand loyalty. They're the only ocbds I wear, most of the jeans I wear regularly are LVC '47s, I have a dozen Ebbets caps and almost nothing else, I go to work and travel with one (or more) Filson bags, and from May through September I'm wearing a pair of Quoddy bluchers and Patagonia stand-up shorts 5 days out of 7. Part of that is the fit and quality, of course, but I'm not sure that's the whole story

Espadrilles: #2 in the series of summer shoe alternatives

This post in General Discussion reminded me that I'd written a little about espadrilles in the last $100 Starter Kit, and since I'm ready to start thinking about spring/summer, I thought it would be useful to reorganize and expand. First, a quick album of some shots I like and a few ideas for wearing them. Espadrilles are a relatively uncommon summer shoe in the US (except for Toms, which are overpriced and bad aid ), but Put This On has recommended them a bunch (and in a “Summer Style on the Cheap” post here too ) so it's hard to call them too preposterous.

MFA x Ebbets custom cap – orders open until Jan 23rd!

Date change! The order window will stay open until Friday, Jan 25th After multiple discussions/votes by the community (and some great design work by zzzaz, yoyo_shi, and bayernownz1995), here's the final version of the cap we're ordering – MFA x Ebbets custom hat The final price is $24 for the cap + $5 drop-ship fee + $5 shipping per cap (in the US, $10 international) + Paypal fees. If you're from the US, that's a final price of $35.60.

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