Restarting MFA Instagram account / further discussion (Serious)

Dear, gentleman, as /u/jewboyfresh mentioned in an earlier post it is a bit sad that MFA previous Instagram account which had a nice feed has been offline for almost 10 weeks. If someone of you reads /r/entrepreneur , I have a little background in running Instagram fashion accounts and I am affiliated with several of them and sometimes post some few tips and tricks how to run them successfully on /r/entrepreneur . I would really like to hear your comments on restarting a new (unofficial unfortunately) MFA inspiration Instagram, where to post best of WAYWT, daily inspirations from gems in this subreddit on a daily basis, I really loved the old one as it let you check some general MFA updates while being on the run or commuting and without much of a stress

Can a young guy (23M) wear brown oxford wingtips? Store manager said it wasn’t for my age group..

I want to buy brown dress shoes, and I loved how these looked (not exact same shoe but close enough): Brown Oxford Wingtip shoes As a 23 yr old, is it appropriate for my age? I might even look a bit younger.

What are some smaller/homegrown/"start up" clothing companies that more people should be buying clothes from?

I recently asked a question on this sub about where to find a zip up hoodie and one of the companies that were mentioned was a company called pistol lakes. I really liked the site and their clothing and I had never heard about them before. I'm by no means a fashion aficionado and maybe everyone knows about pistol lakes but it was new to me

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