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Idea for the sub: Clicking one of the men on the banner design takes you to a post on how to get that look

Title says it all really, you just click on a guy on the top then get re-directed to a post with links on the clothes to achieve that look. Example: say you click on the guy in the camo coat Black neff beanie 18$ Camo Windbreaker 82$ Black Jeans 50$ Maroon Vans 55$ Total 205$ submitted by BarnacleBoy123 link 26 comments

Sunday morning discussion: how brand-loyal are you?

I usually do laundry on Sunday mornings, and as I was hanging up a row of identical Brooks Brothers ocbds, I started thinking about the question of brand loyalty. They're the only ocbds I wear, most of the jeans I wear regularly are LVC '47s, I have a dozen Ebbets caps and almost nothing else, I go to work and travel with one (or more) Filson bags, and from May through September I'm wearing a pair of Quoddy bluchers and Patagonia stand-up shorts 5 days out of 7. Part of that is the fit and quality, of course, but I'm not sure that's the whole story

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