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MFA Contest: New Icon + Sub Description. Change the face of MFA! Leave a legacy for future generation! Win Gold! (please upvote for visibility)

As I announced yesterday, we're going to kick off 2013 with a small facelift for MFA. Since Reddit is a community-generated site, we're turning to the community for free labor help. In this thread, you can submit your entries for: A new icon for the sub header (to replace Snoo in the CDB) A new public description for the sub, which shows up when new users search for subs as well as on meta-reddit sites like stattit/redditlist.

Announcement: Tomorrow, there will be a contest to change the face of MFA. Many will enter, only two will leave. I mean, win Reddit Gold.

Happy new year, MFA! As most of you know, the community grew rapidly in 2012. The number of subscribers almost tripled, we had over 9 million pageviews in December (our high-traffic month ever – up from 8.1 million in November) and according to stattit, we're going to pass /r/geek later today as #42 in the list of subreddits by size. We'd like to start 2013 with a small facelift for MFA, and that's where you come in.

Nominations for MFA’s Best of 2012 Awards (please upvote for visibility)

The site admins announced a couple weeks ago that reddit won't be holding sitewide awards this year, and that subreddits should run their own best-of-the-year competitions. So away we go. Today's post is a chance for the community to nominate, vote on, lobby for, and discuss users/posts/comments in each of the five categories posted in the comments below.

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