As promised, my guide to thrifting

Decided to throw together this guide / ramble / inspiration because even if it helps one person I'll feel like it's gone to use. I've always been conscious of what I wore but it wasn't until around 19 / 20 years old when my maturity began to show in my clothing choices. I had direction, inspiration and a basic understanding of fit etc, but what I didn't have was the bank account to support my new found hobby

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Over the past few weeks, we've seen a marked increase in the amount of “inspiration album” style posts. While we love seeing diverse content and contributions, and inspiration can come from a variety of sources, we think that the sheer number of these posts has started to drown out the other content and questions on the sub. The situation is especially problematic when relatively poor or incoherent albums are submitted, as they tend to not generate much in the way of useful discussion.

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