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Espadrilles: #2 in the series of summer shoe alternatives

This post in General Discussion reminded me that I'd written a little about espadrilles in the last $100 Starter Kit, and since I'm ready to start thinking about spring/summer, I thought it would be useful to reorganize and expand. First, a quick album of some shots I like and a few ideas for wearing them. Espadrilles are a relatively uncommon summer shoe in the US (except for Toms, which are overpriced and bad aid ), but Put This On has recommended them a bunch (and in a “Summer Style on the Cheap” post here too ) so it's hard to call them too preposterous.

Assessment and feedback for the new OF&FC/WAYWT system (please upvote for visibility, which will help us get feedback from a wider range of MFA users)

A few weeks ago, we decided to try out some new features – a 3x/week “Outfit Feedback & Fit Check” thread and 3x/week overtly competitive WAYWT. The other mods and I have some thoughts about how the pilot project went and what we should change going forward, but we also want to hear from the community (especially lurkers and casual users, which is why I asked you to upvote the thread.) Some more background, if you need a refresher: OF&FC was intended to be as beginner-friendly as possibly – we even used Reddit's new Competition Mode to hide up/downvotes and randomly sort the top-level comments every time the page reloaded. You can read the origin of it in the January 27th General Discussion thread.

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