Lowering the bar: why you should move your tie bar down a couple inches.

Tie bars are pretty darn cool, for the most part. They are roguish and sleek looking, and generally a pretty good idea if you are wearing a tie. There are a couple of circumstances where I think it's better to go without the tie bar: 1) If you have a formal occasion, and you are planning to wear french cuffs, a tie bar, and a pocket square, I would suggest picking 2 out of those 3, because any more than that can look either (a) a bit ostentatious, or (b) like you are trying too hard, or 2) If you have an occasion where you need to dress conservatively, (e.g., court appearance, job interview), I would suggest wearing no tie bar.

ITT: Advice Commonly Given That You Think Should Be Decommissioned

Most of the advice on this sub is very useful, but every now and then I see bits that are pretty obviously just parroted from other people or recommended with no context or reasoning. I'd like to take a few commonly recommended things and talk about why they shouldn't be so commonly recommended. Disclaimer: This Is All Based In Opinion 1

IAMA Bayard Winthrop, President and CEO of American Giant – AMA!

Good morning Reddit– Thanks so much for hosting me! What I've read so far on this website has been really interesting and I'd love to contribute in any way I can. American Giant is a clothing company we started just over a year ago. We're based in San Francisco's Mission District and we pride ourselves on creating top American Made quality clothing at prices that make sense.

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