Allen Edmonds

ITT: Advice Commonly Given That You Think Should Be Decommissioned

Most of the advice on this sub is very useful, but every now and then I see bits that are pretty obviously just parroted from other people or recommended with no context or reasoning. I'd like to take a few commonly recommended things and talk about why they shouldn't be so commonly recommended. Disclaimer: This Is All Based In Opinion 1

MFA Rules & Guidelines: Updates and Clarifications

Important note: Nothing here represents a substantive change to the rules and community guidelines for MFA – we just felt they were due for some updates and clarifications. Rules for Acceptable Posts and Comments: Any post that isn't requesting or giving advice will be removed. “Giving advice” is interpreted broadly to include inspiration albums, discussion topics and some new product announcements, but does not include posts about an item you just bought or an outfit you're wearing unless you have a specific question about it

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