Guide to Warm Coats

I don’t feel like working today, so here goes.



  • Duffle Coat 

    like Paddington Bear 

    . Single Breasted, Toggle Coat. Never wore one, but they look very warm, and very mod.

  • Pea Coat 

    – Very warm, very popular today. Always Double breasted, with a large lapel, collar for added warmth. Modern versions are 1/2 length.

  • Great Coat 

    Hard to find, basically a full length pea coat.

  • Single Breasted Trench 

    – Looks silly in my opinion. Recently seen on season 4 of Mad Men.


  • Traditional Trench 

    Double breasted complete with cuff straps, shoulder straps, and belt. Modern versions can be 3/4 length 

    or even 1/2 length. Note on wearing, make sure to tie the belt 

  • Topcoat or Single Breasted Very Warm and done in Tan/Brown/Blue/Black/Gray. Traditionally felt, trendier versions are made of woven material and 3/4 length 

    . Sometimes this version is called a car coat.

Note on Weaves:

  • Felt is not a weave at all, but is traditional for Pea Coat, Duffle, and Topcoat
  • Gabardine is durable.
  • Herringbone also durable and is popular these days.
  • Houndstooth is good for college professor sport coats and other topcaots/pea coat types
  • Corduroy is good on sport coats too.
  • Tin Cloth, or waxed cotton. Available from makers like Filson.

Honorable mention, ie, not that warm:

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This post inspired by a healthy dose of cynicism and ithika.


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