Related Subreddits: MFA’s brothers (and sisters) in arms

Related Subreddits: MFA’s brothers (and sisters) in arms

As some of you have noticed, the sidebar link for Related Subreddits is dead. That's because Reddit is moving to a new wiki system, and our link went to the old MFA wiki. Apparently this is our not-so-subtle signal to make the transition.

Since we're not quite ready to do that, this thread is going to be the new sidebar link for Related Subreddits. I'm counting on you to help me flesh it out, so suggestions for additions are absolutely welcome. Only subs with a reasonable amount of activity, please.

Related Clothing/Style/Fashion Subs and MFA offshoots

Shaving, hair, skincare, etc

Other subreddits of interest

Lighthearted, jocular fun-times

Edit: Thanks for the suggestions – keep 'em coming.

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