Nominations for MFA’s "Best of 2013" Awards! (please upvote for visibility!)

Nominations for MFA’s "Best of 2013" Awards! (please upvote for visibility!)

Hey all, it's that time of year again for the Reddit-wide “Best of 2013” Awards! Last year, Reddit decided to have individual subreddits hold their own “Best of” Awards, and they're sticking with the format this year.

The admins are giving us reddit gold to reward community members who make MFA the wonderful and helpful community that it is. We're looking for nominations you feel best reflect these five categories:

  • Best WAYWT Photo of 2013
  • Best Overall Contributor of 2013
  • Best Comment of 2013
  • Best Self-Post of 2013
  • Best Original Graphic/Image of 2013

Please include links to your nominations when possible, thanks! And remember to upvote your favorite nominations!

How voting will work:

Today's post is a chance for the community to nominate, vote on, lobby for, and discuss users/posts/comments in each of the five categories posted in the comments below. Please reply to my comments with your nominations instead of making new top-level comments – that'll make it easier to sort and identify the top nominees in each category. The mods will actively remove comments that don't nominate/discuss/contribute.

On Friday, the five top-rated nominees in each of the five categories will go into a final round of voting, which will be an anonymous, randomized poll instead of up/downvotes. We will make a new announcement post to remind everyone to go vote.

On Monday, we'll reveal the results and announce the winners. Here are the results from last year!

Thanks for participating in MFA's Best of 2013 Awards, and thanks to everyone who has helped make MFA a strong, vibrant, and welcoming community!

Note: Sorry for the sad-looking “please upvote me” message in the title. We want to make sure this reaches the MFA subscribers who only see posts on their front page (as opposed to those who visit the sub directly). So please upvote for visibility. Thanks!

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