bringatowel’s MFA guide to Amazon

bringatowel’s MFA guide to Amazon

A question that commonly gets asked in both /r/malefashionadvice and /r/frugalmalefashion, particularly now after christmas, is what to use your Amazon Gift cards on. Amazon is a fantastic website, however clothing would definitely rank as one of its weaknesses. If you do want to go to Amazon for mfa purposes, whether it's because of convenience, Amazon Prime, or just needing to use up those Amazon Gift Cards, here are some of my most “MFA” suggestions.


One of the easiest places to start this is with MyHabit. This is a separate website from Amazon, but it is owned by Amazon and therefore you can use your Amazon Gift Cards here. MyHabit is a “flash sale/sale-a-day” type of website, with different deals from designers that will only last a specified amount of time. It works similarly to sites like PLNDR, Gilt, Haute Look, and Beyond the Rack. While it is often filled with junk not worth your money, good sales can come up. If you absolutely want to spend an Amazon Gift Card on clothing this would be your best bet.


Amazon has some of the commonly suggested “MFA Beginner” pant options available.


In my opinion, shoes and boots are one of the best ways that you can spend an Amazon Gift Card. In addition to the importance of shoes to an outfit, Amazon can have some great deals on shoes that MFA loves. Makes sure to have read and understood the Shoe Guide and Boot Guide.

  • Allen Edmonds – Allen Edmonds is an MFA favorite for dress shoes. While currently full price, sometimes they even do fantastic sales that bring many popular shoes, including AE Strand, down to $200 shipped free with prime.

  • Red Wing – One of, if not MFA's #1 boot choice would of course be Red Wings. Amazon has these, once again shipped free with Prime.

  • Clarks Desert Boots – One of the most recommended and most mocked shoe in the history of MFA, I'm sure most of you know all about it already. If this shoe is something you want, Amazon has it, and generally is lowest price around for them.

  • Thorogood Moc Toe – Though less commonly recommended than Red Wings or Clarks, this shoe also has a good reputation on MFA. High quality and American made, with a great workwear look. Less than half of the price of comparable Red Wings, with similar (although lesser) quality.


Watches are another item that Amazon is known to do particularly well in. However, I don't know much about watches, but /r/watches would be a fantastic resource to learn about what you should be looking for. I can recommend two traditional MFA favorites however.

  • Timex Weekender and Timex Easy Reader – These are the two “MFA Beginners” watches that are frequently recommended. They're cheap, look good, and work well.

  • Seiko 5 – Frequently seen suggested to beginners as an intro or first watch with a mechanical movement.

Personal Care

While not technically “fashion”, a big part of looking good is taking care of your body.

  • Shaving Supplies – If you're into straight edge or double edge shaving, /r/wicked_edge has tons of info. If you're looking to get started and need to buy the supplies, Amazon can be a good source. Check out /r/wicked_edge's starter kits on their sidebar, or search for “amazon” and you'll find some good information.

  • Skin Care – Skin care is also of course super important. Read Veroz's guide to skincare and check out the sensitive/oily guide as well. Both of these guides have tons of Amazon links to products that will keep your face looking as good as your clothes.

  • Hair product – Read some hair product reviews, like the ones here and find out what you need, odds are Amazon has it.

  • Fragrances – Apparently Amazon does fragrances well, it's worth looking at! Don't forget to read up before your buy anything!

Clothing Care

Once again, not technically fashion, but once you've got all your clothes and shoes, you still need to take care of them.

  • Shoe Rack – You gotta put all your shoes somewhere, right?

  • Shoe Care – Amazon is a decent place to stock up on polish, cremes, and everything else you need to keep any of your leather shoes looking their best.

  • Shoe Trees – Shoe trees are super important for extending the life of your dress shoes and boots. While you can pick them up other places for cheaper (jos a bank's 3 for 1 sales are great for this), Amazon also has some good high quality cedar shoe tress.

  • Drying Rack – If you have the room for one, buy one. Hang drying your clothes, particularly the clothes you care about, will make a world of difference in the longevity of your items.

  • Iron – Looking wrinkly is bad.

  • Steamer – Amazon has tons of steamers, and if you can afford one I'd get one. Tons easier than ironing (although you'll still need an iron on hand for some wrinkles).

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Read this.

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