Basic Fall Casual Wardrobe Guide v2

Depending on where you live, Fall is either something that is rapidly approaching, already upon you, or still some ways away. In any case, it’s one of the most fun seasons to dress for (in my opinion), so take a look at this guide I made. This is meant mostly to be a guide for fall casual wear (because I feel that formalwear changes less than casual clothing, and because that would just be way too much for me to do)
Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at making a guide, and easily my largest contribution to MFA at this point, so feel free to give me advice, comments, feedback, etc. This guide is sort of a sequel to Veroz’s last fall guide, so if you haven’t checked that out, head over there too, because while I did look to that guide for some inspiration, I created this one from scratch, largely independently of Veroz’s and other MFA guides.

Disclaimer II: The examples I linked to are just a small selection of the possibilities, meant to give ideas, inspiration, and a visual representation of the things I’m talking about. There are frugal options to most of the things listed; post what you’re looking for in the comments either myself or someone else may be able to give you links to some cheaper options!


  • Leather Jacket – Not everyone’s style, but I have a couple that I love.
  • Windbreaker/Parka – For brisk fall days when one might encounter a drizzle
    Penfield 1
    Penfield 2
    Sierra Designs
  • Pea Coat – Good for fall, but in my opinion, better for winter.
    A classic design from J. Crew
  • Raincoat – In the Pacific Northwest, we take our rain seriously. Nobody carries an umbrella so a raincoat is a worthwhile investment; if you live in a rainy climate, this is not an area to cut corners on, price wise.
    Gore-Tex is the way to go, and I like Marmot a lot.
    North Face has good ones too, this link is to a cheaper option than the Marmot.
  • Field Coat/M65 – I’ve never owned one of these, and I’m not a huge fan of the military styling, but they definitely look good in some looks.
    J. Crew
    Alpha Industries
  • Harrington – Classic, British, Clean.
    Baracuta G-9
  • Chore Coat – Perfect for sort of an American Workwear type vibe.
  • Denim Jacket – Great for layering or for a light jacket on its own. Get a light and a dark for ultimate options.
    More Levi’s

Sweaters & Cardigans


  • Tees
    Crew Neck. I’m a fan of J. Crew’s Pocket Tees.
    V Neck. I’m sure everyone has their favorite brand of V Neck tees, but I like these from Nordstroms.
    Henley. These from Urban Outfitters are my favorite, but I like J. Crew’s as well.
  • Button-Downs & Button-Ups
    Assorted OCBDs You have a bunch- great news: you can still wear ’em during fall, and they’re great for layering, e.g. under a sweater or cardigan.
    Chambray workshirt
    Denim workshirt
    Flannels. Pendleton makes the best flannels. I love Pendleton.


  • Chinos
    I’m partial to J. Crew’s, in Urban Slim. I think you should have several pairs and several colors. Here are some ideas: Tan/Khaki, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Mustard, Burnt Orange, Olive, Navy, Grey.
  • Jeans
    Always have some good jeans. Can’t go wrong with Levi’s.
  • Cords
    Cords are the best fall pants. I’m declaring that right now. They are just great. I like these from J. Crew. Get a couple pairs in a couple colors. Ideas: Tan/Khaki, Light Brown, Rich Chocolatey Brown, Olive, Grey. Basically they’re the same as chinos as far as versatility and usage, but they are more textured, so you have to keep that in mind.


  • Leather Work Boots. Everyone on MFA has an opinion on what the best boot is, depending on your price point, but here are some to look at.
    Red Wing Iron Ranger. Probably the most recommended boot on MFA. Classic, durable, good-looking.
    Red Wing Classic Moc. I like these even better than the Iron Ranger.
    Wolverine 1000 mile boot. Another classic, oft-recommended boot.
    Chippewa GQ. Another classic.
    Thorogood. A nice-looking boot for a lower price point.
    LL. Bean Katadhin Iron Works Engineer. Solid alternative to any of the other boots on this list.
  • Bean Boots/Duck Boots
    These aren’t really a necessity unless you live in a really wet climate, but I like how they look in many fall outfits.The classics come from LL. Bean.
  • Sneakers or Plimsolls
    Vans are my favorite for this type of shoe. The link I included is a nice looking style for fall.
    More Vans. This Vans x J. Crew shoe is great. I just got a pair myself. Both colors are good for fall.
  • Moccasins
    LL. Bean
    Eastland Shoe Co.
    Oak Street

Accessories There are plenty of options here, and I won’t go into much detail, but two of my favorite items to wear for warmth and looks in fall and winter are scarves and leather gloves. For scarves, I suggest wool and cashmere, in a variety of lengths and patterns. For gloves, get a pair of nice leather gloves with some cashmere lining, and your hands won’t know it’s freezing outside.

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