A Guide to Finding a Hairstyle

Allow me to apologize in advance for these punchable images you are about to see. Please use your imagination to disassociate the models from their hairstyles.

Types of Hairstyles

The Short Part[1]  

Hair Styles – The Short Part

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A classic look that’s easy to maintain. Short on one side. Medium to long on the other. It works for most face and head shapes and is ideal for people with straight or wavy hair. Style with your fingers or a comb using gel or pomade for a semi-glossy finish.

The Long Part[2]  

Hair Styles – The Long Part

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Long hair, in general, is best suited for the collegiate or the artistically inclined. It works with most face and head shapes, but is best suited for slender to muscular builds. Above shoulder length hair can be styled with gels, mousse, and hairspray. With longer hair, you’ll want to use a defining cream to tame any loose strands for a matte finish.

The Buzz / Crew Cut[3]  

Hair Styles – Buzz / Crew Cuts

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Short all over or sometimes just the sides. This haircut will emphasize the shape of your face so it is best suited for those with an angular face bone structure or receding hair lines. Little styling required, just keep it trimmed.

Bangs up[4]  

Hair Styles – Bangs Up

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Similar to the buzz cut in that it emphasizes your face, except features longer hair on top with the bangs and hair styled up. It works for most face and head shapes. Also good for receding hairlines. Use pomade, mousse, dust, and/or hairstray to achieve the look and texture you want.

Textured Tops[5]  

Hair Styles – Textured Tops

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This includes styles from all of the above. It works best for people with curly to wavy hair (or straight with a little bit of work). Adding texture creates a slightly disheveled style that looks both refined and natural.

Where do I go from here?

  1. Determine your hair type (straight, wavy, curly).
  2. Look at the shape and position of your hair line to figure out if short or long hair is best for you.
  3. Examine your bone structure. Is your jaw square or round? Defined cheeks? Angular nose and brows?
  4. Find a hairstyle that best matches your features and comfort level to maintain.
  5. Bring pictures to your hairstylist.
  6. Experiment! Hair grows back.


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