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I’d like to make this page the go-to source for custom shirting. I’ve used Modern Tailor as an example. Please comment with info about other retailers and I’ll add them to the guide.

Modern Tailor (

45$ – 190$, first shirt at 20$

1,987 fabrics

Currently having a sale (as of 2/10/12)

Made in China

Turnaround Time: 7 business days for production, 10-14 business days for delivery.

Please read these very informative tips by Vivalution before ordering from MT.

Pros: Offer a trial shirt for $20-$30 (plus shipping) to test your fit. Their customer service department cites their turnaround time being 7 days for processing and 7-10 days for shipping (to the Western U.S.). Will cover the cost of shipping them your best-fitting shirt (for them to use as a sample). They’ll send you a fabric swatch for $25.

Cons: Inconsistent quality. May take a few tries to get the fit right. Stiff cuffs w/ permanent crease.

Blank Label (

$70 – $145

84 fabrics

Pros: Consistency between shirts. Free shipping, free re-makes, and free returns!

Cons: The only do measurements based on shirts, not body measurements. Fabric selection and customization is not as extensive as competitors, although special requests can be made by contacting them directly.

Credit: TacticalSandwich

Ratio Clothing (

$89 – $109

30 fabrics

Made in North Carolina

Pros: Less to measure, high quality stitching and fabric, great fit, awesome customer service.

Cons: Price, 3-4 week turnaround, sleeves could be slimmer.

The button down has a softer collar and cuff than the semi spread . Both have a split yoke, and the side vents are almost non-existent, but I believe that’s from having them make it slimmer in the waist and hip than their ratio slim fit.

Here’s the album

[9] . I tried to show how the button down fares with and without both a tie and jacket. The black suit pic is what I wore to a wedding last fall.Credit: naatkins

J.Hilburn (

$89 – $140

242 fabrics

Made in ?

Pros: They have Style Experts that will come to your house and measure you. The process is simple, quick, but thorough, and they have a great policy of taking the shirt back and tailoring it until you are completely satisfied. The Style Experts have cloth swatches with them when they see you, so you can search through / feel the fabrics before you buy. Very useful for those who are worried about cloth quality.


Credit: Hellyeahseansu $50 off referral link

Spier & MacKay

Made in ?

Price: $100-$110 (custom)

~100 fabrics

“Sells both OTR and M2M. I’ve got a few of their OTR shirts and have been impressed.

Pros: In Toronto, so Canadians can get free return shipping. Shipping is free in the US and Canada. Stitched collar, high-quality fabric. Great customer service, the one exchange I did was free, prompt and friendly.

Cons: ?

I can do a $25 referral discount (full disclosure: gets me $25 credit) if anyone’s interested. Just PM me [adambard]. I really would recommend them, their OTR shirts fit me better (slim) than anywhere else I’ve found (just stay away from “classic” cut).”

Credit: adambard

Tailor Store


  • Medium and high quality fabrics are quite good
  • Good turnaround time
  • Outstanding customer support

“perfect quality and one of the best customer service experiences I had so far. (I had a very obliging German speaking contact). free remakes, free shipping over 150$ or 100€, usually delivery in under 10 days. check their shipping information. their site is well built and the shirt creation is fun. there’s a myriad on options and their measurements are clear and easy and arrive exactly as ordered.” w1nd


  • Lower priced fabrics not great
  • Prices in middle-tier

“a lot of their fabrics are too colourful to work on a slim cut shirt or for MFA standards. there’s only roughly 20 fabrics that are worthwhile to order in my opinion. giant ass checkers in bright orange and blue might work on someone more on the obese side of the spectrum.” w1nd

Credit: ptrb


$70-120~ depending on sales

? Fabrics (site is down for maintenance as of this writing)

Made in China but shipped from Montreal Canada

Pros: Fantastic packaging and communication, well designed website, fabric quality feels decent, measurements provided felt right

Cons: Turn around time is about a month. A little pricey when not on sale. M2M is an extra $25 over off-the-rack prices.

Credit: (scorpent)[]

Proper Cloth (

$89 – $239

150 fabrics

Made in Malaysia

Indochino (

$79 – $100

47 fabrics

Pros: Excellent customer service, great final product.


)Make Your Own Jeans (

$34 – $58

112 fabrics

Cons: “Absolute shit.” Veroz [source]


Made and based in Singapore. Fabrics are imported.

Hemrajani aka My Tailor

$69 – $329

Hundreds of fabrics

Made in Hong Kong

Pros: * Lots of great fabrics under $100 * Their traveling tailors will measure and advise you for free, with really good results * High quality work, with careful pattern matching and other nice details * Accommodates special requests

Cons: * Slow — can take up to 11 weeks to get your shirts * Website is clunky; difficult to navigate large numbers of oddly-categorized fabrics

Local Retail Outlets

Brooks Brothers

$108 – $440

400 fabrics



£39-£79 ($65-$150) plus design options

240 fabrics

Manufactured in Sri Lanka, Swedish company

Pros: Good quality, excellent service, excellent website tools, sleeve width options.

Cons: No split yoke option. Initial fit needed slight adjustments after shrinkage.

Advice: Order a basic shirt first as a trial and wash a few times before remeasuring and reordering.

Charles Tyrwhitt


Pros: Traditional English Tailoring. Good Quality. Bulk Discount. No esoteric customisation.

San Francisco

Park Couture

Low-to-mid $100

“The initial consultation comes first; then online/email/phone orders are easy (assuming similar items are ordered). The initial consultation is key; however, as the designer is extremely diligent and knowledgeable–with a great eye for fashion and personalized looks. It’s a labor of love and has never been about volume. Park Couture is about personalized service, utilizing fantastic fabrics and lasting designs. Quality above all else.” weekender2004


Alexander West

Alton Lane

I was pleased to see ZanshinJ’s post about Why You Should Never Go Off-the-Rack Again , seeing as how I’ve been gathering data myself to make the best purchasing decisions for custom shirts. Unfortunately, the quality, quirks and characteristics of each retailer is scattered and seems to be constantly changing.

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