Complete Men Shoe Guide 2012

I really enjoyed working on the new Spring/Summer guide a couple weeks ago, and it’s a slow morning at work so I thought I’d take a crack at updating the Shoe guide as well.

I’ve organized this into four sections – (I) sneakers, (II) casual/in-between shoes, (III) dress shoes, and (IV) storage & care. I won’t address boots, since they have their own guide.

I tried to keep budget in mind, but if you’re just starting to upgrade your footwear, I realize the cost can be eye-opening. Well-crafted, high-quality shoes can last for years though, and no one is suggesting that you drop $1200 this weekend. Invest in your shoe wardrobe slowly, focusing on craftsmanship, durability, and versatility. A couple days ago, someone asked about a cheaper version of this pair of blue suede blucher mocs from Oak Street Bootmakers. I think my reply is relevant here too –

I’m a firm believer in getting what you really want, even if it means saving and waiting. You’re not going to be able to wear navy blucher mocs until Spring anyway, so that gives you 3-4 months to save for them. Let’s say you could afford $100 right now – I’m sure you can find a way to squirrel away an extra $40/month until May. When spring hits, are you going to regret not having these shoes or are you going to regret not having had that extra $10/week?

As always, suggestions for additions and revisions are welcome!

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