When are sales?

Generally around holidays, at the beginning of a season, and at the end of a season. However there are always sales going on, subscribe to newsletters to figure out when a store is having a sale.

What does WAYWT mean? CDB? AE? N+F? OCBD? RTW? MTM? MTO? MMM?

What Are You Wearing Today. Clarks Desert Boots. Allen Edmonds. Naked and Famous. Oxford Cotton Button Down. Ready to Wear. Made to Measure. Made to Order. Maison Martin Margiela.

How do I prevent clothes from shrinking in the wash?

Spot clean if you have the option. Otherwise, cold wash, hang dry. No-heat tumbling will not prevent shrinkage. The tumbling is what mostly causes the shrinkage, the heat speeds up the rate at which clothes shrink. Hang-dry will also generally increase the longevity of your clothing. Note that raw fabric will likely shrink even in cold water.


How do you roll up your sleeves in a way that doesn’t look like trash?

The available methods are detailed here. I consider the second method the neatest.

When wearing a button-down collar under a sweater, should the collar be buttoned-down?


When wearing a point collar with a sweater, should the collar be under or above the sweater?

Under is usually preferred.

When should I untuck a dress shirt?

Dress shirts should be tucked in. Casual button-ups may be cut to be worn untucked. Generally, if the shirt has obvious tails, keep it tucked in. If the shirt ends above your dickshaft, then you can wear it untucked.

How do I tuck in my shirt so that it doesn’t billow out? How do I do a “military tuck” with my shirt?

How do I iron a shirt?

How do I deal with armpit stains?

Armpit stains are a product of chemicals in antiperspirants, especially aluminum zirconium. Avoid antiperspirants and stick with deodorants, but especially avoid anything that contains aluminum zirconium. Note that salt from perspiration can also stain your clothing.

How do I remove armpit stains?

If the stains are old and set, there’s basically nothing you can do. If the stains are new, you can remove them through a combination of liquid detergent, ammonia, white vinegar and hot water.

Jackets, Coats and Vests

What is the difference between a blazer, a sportscoat and a suit jacket?

The differences mostly come down to fabric type, fabric weight, pocket types, and the overall shape of the jacket.  Esquire did a brief summary a while back.

Why are my pockets sewn shut?

Manufacturers ship them that way. It is safe to cut them open, just be careful.

Where do I cop some dope hoodies?

American Apparel or Wings+Horns.

Should I button the bottom button of my peacoat?

Probably not.

What are some good alternatives to peacoats?

Chestfield coat, top coat, parka, car coat, quilted coat, down coat, puff coat, duffle coat, toggle coat, etc.

I want to look fancy, but not too fancy. Should I wear a vest without a jacket?

Rookie mistake. The vast majority of the time vests look terrible without their jacket counterparts. If you are reading this for the first time then in all likeliness it looks horrendous.


What is the difference between chinos and khakis?

Essentially nothing. Companies use the words interchangeably. Historically, khakis were born when soldiers begun dying their pants with a dye comprised mostly of tea in order to achieve a color that didn’t look dirty so quickly. They were called Khaki because that is the Indian word for dust. Eventually they were dyed this way industrially. When these pants were shipped through China (to India) they were labeled Chino, and were then called chinos.

How do you store jeans?

If you really care about your denim, it’s preferred to hang them on a hook. Otherwise just do what you want.

How often should you wash jeans? What is the best method?

Any time they really smell or are stained. If you are trying to preserve your jeans, consider a light cool handwash in woolite. A little vinegar prevents dye-loss.

Do dark brown pants work with black shoes? (or black with brown?)

No, they usually clash.

Shoes and Socks

My shoe leather is creasing, is this normal?

Yes. For comparison, here are some creases 

in AEs, and here are “creases” 

in Cordovan Aldens. The nature of the creases in cordovan are less pronounced than cow leather – cordovan tends to get ripples rather than sharp folds that resemble skin wrinkles 


How frequently should you polish your shoes?

Polish them any time you may wear them if they are beginning to dull. Sometimes this means one day and again the next (if you met bad weather). Generally, you likely won’t need to polish them more frequently than every 3-4 wears, or once a week. You do not need to polish the shoes if you aren’t wearing them, although conditioning them seasonally will increase their longevity.

How do you polish shoes?

Ask Andy did a thorough writeup that is worth checking out.

What is the difference between a blucher, balmoral and oxford?

Blucher has open eyelet tabs 

(above vamp). Balmoral has closed eyelet tabs 

(under vamp). In most of Europe, an oxford is the same thing as a balmoral, but in America an oxford includes both bluchers and balmorals.

When should you get shoes resoled?

If there is a hole in the sole or the heel rubber is wearing thin, get them resoled. Alternatively, if the wear is negatively affecting your gait and/or uncomfortable, get them resoled.

Do belts have to match your shoes perfectly?

For suits, the preferred answer is yes. Casually, they do not have to match perfectly and can be a couple shades off. However, this doesn’t guarantee that it will look good, use prudence.

What belt do I wear with white sneakers?

Casual belts of varying types. Light brown is fine, but a braided mid-brown is fine as well. Various colored webbed or canvas belts work depending on the outfit.

Do dark brown shoes go well with black pants? (or black with brown?)

No, they usually clash.

What color should my socks be?

The conservative answer is that socks should match your pants.

What is a good selection for my first basic set of shoes?

Casual sneakers, Black captoe balmorals, brown semi-brogues, penny loafers, brown or black boots, weather boots (duck, bean, etc)

How do you clean canvas sneakers?

Soap and a toothbrush works. I use woolite carpet cleaner.


Source of FAQ : http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/mgqp9/compiled_faq_list/

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